Current Projects

The Friends need help to meet the cost of the following urgent work:

New drainage and damp-proofing of the porch

The need for this work was identified in St. Michael’s last five yearly building survey. Both side walls of the porch are suffering from damp caused by poor drainage at the exterior of the porch. The work needed involves constructing improved drainage channels along the outside of the walls, inserting a damp barrier in the walls and replastering the inside of the walls.

The cost of the work required will be about £10,000.  The Diocese has approved the work which is scheduled to start in May.  

New heating boiler

St. Michael’s present gas boiler will need replacing very soon. Spare parts are difficult to find and the service engineer has advised that any future breakdown may be irreparable.

An estimate for the cost of a new boiler has been requested.

Any donation you are able to make to help with these costs would be very welcome. Donations can be made online here or by sending a cheque made payable to Hernhill PCC to Brian Jelfs, Secretary, The Friends of St. Michael’s Church, Stable Barn, Crockham Farm Cottage, Crockham Lane, Hernhill ME13 9LB.