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Painting Churches

Painting Churches by Brian Jelfs During 2003/2004, I embarked on a GCE A Level Course in Fine Art and during the progress of this course wrote an extended essay on ‘Ruins in Art.’   Some years later, I was a member of the Hernhill PCC Restoration Sub-Committee and we were considering ideas for raising money. I […]

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What is a perpendicular church?

‘Perpendicular’ or ‘perpendicular gothic’ is a style of church architecture developed at the end of the 14th century. To understand the style one needs to look back to the beginning of the 12th century when churches were built in a style brought to England by the Normans. In this Norman style windows and doors were […]

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Kilroy was here

If today you were found doodling on a wall of St. Michael’s Church, you would receive a firm, but polite, reprimand from the Churchwarden. But that was not always the case. In the medieval period drawing or etching on church walls was not only tolerated but encouraged. To understand why that was so, we need […]

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